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Finance your tuition and start your new cyber security career. Only begin repayments once you graduate. 

Remove up-front costs with a

Finance your tuition, remove large up-front costs, and enable yourself to start a new career

Customised loan to suit

Pay your tuition back over 1 -10 years. Regular, predictable monthly repayments help you control your finances. 

Don't start re-payments until

Together with Lendwise, we offer our students a payment holiday so they can concentrate on their education and their new career

Regulated and approved

We’ve partnered with Lendwise to facilitate our student loans. They’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The numbers


The tuition fee and amount you will borrow

8%-10% APR

The average APR of our loans. Roughly, 50% lower than other providers

1 year - 10 years

You can set the term of your loan, from 1 year through to 10 years.

A representative example

£9,500 @ 9% APR

You borrow £9,500 with an APR of 9%

5 years

You decide to pay back your loan over 5 years


You’ll pay back £195.59 per month for 5 years.

Boost you income and start your new high-paying career

Capslock will kick-start your new career in cyber security. You’ll see your earnings soar in the first 3 years after graduation. By investing in your future now, the rest of your career will be hugely rewarding. 

Student loans

We’ve partnered with Lendwise, an FCA-approved student finance provider.

A student loan is an unsecured personal loan which pays for your academic tuition fees. 

Lendwise offer the lowest  in interest rates in the market alongside the widest eligibility criteria.  

They are FCA regulated and have a credible & responsible track record.

Eligibility criteria;

  • Available for those who have been offered enrolment at Capslock
  • UK resident
  • UK passport holder

If you are unsure regarding your eligibility, please check with Lendwise by emailing [email protected] or by calling +44 203 890 7270. You can also read answers to frequently asked questions on Lendwise’s website