Learn how an amazing team came together to Rethink Education and create CAPSLOCK

Lorna & Andrea, Co-founders
Former uni lecturers at graduation

We wanted to help people

As the economy moves further into the digital age, it was clear to see people need help changing their career. We knew we could do better than universities and other alternatives. 

We assembled a

A skilled founding team of 8 was formed. A mixture of world-class educators, cyber security professionals, and business gurus. All with the intention of Rethinking Education. 


Jonathan & Ian,
Working on the learner experience

We worked hard to create a modern, education institution

From a seamless digital enrolment workflow, through to a world-class educational experience which could be delivered entirely online. 

What we stand for

We’ll always strive to give career-changing opportunities to those who show the right attitude, not just those who can afford it.

We’ll always strive to innovate in ways which makes our education affordable & accessible to everyone. 

We’ll always advocate for under-represented demographics, such as women, BAME, and those who are neuro-diverse. 

We’ll always strive to deliver a world-class experience for those who enrol with us.

We’ll always strive to keep our education up to date, outcomes focused, and aligned with industry requirements. 

The Founding Team

Dr. Andrea Cullen

Lead Tutor & Co-founder

Lorna Armitage

Lead Tutor & Co-founder

Jonathan Slater

Co-founder & Head of Learner Success

Ian Patterson

Head of Digital

AVM John Philiban

Advisory board

David McIntyre

Advisory board

Dave Furlong

Advisory board