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We invest

Kick-start your new cyber security career and pay nothing until you land a high-paying job.

until you land a high-paying job

We’ll invest in you and cover your tuition costs up-front. You’ll only begin re-paying tuition once you land a job paying over £27,000​

Re-payments which

When we invest in you, you’ll pay back 15% of your monthly income for 36 months, but only once you earn over £27,000

Not debt, no interest,

ISAs are not classed as personal debt. They always stay affordable, and re-payments are paused if your income drops below £27,000. ​

Your re-payments

You’ll never pay back more than 2x the optional up-front tuition fee. That’s a cap of £18,000 as it stands right now. 


Is Regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority

The numbers


You’ll only begin re-payments when you earn more than £27k


You’ll pay back 15% of you monthly income. Always affordable

36 months

You’ll make 36 instalments and then that’s it

2x payment cap

You’ll never pay back more than £18,000, which is 2x the optional up-front fee of £9,000


You can pay tuition up-front instead of opting for the ISA. The optional one-off up-front cost is £9,000

6 years

If you don’t make 36 instalments within 6 years, your ISA is wiped off

What is an Income Share Agreement?

An income share agreement (ISA) is a financial structure where the education provider provides tuition to their learners with no up-front costs. The learner, in exchange, agrees to pay back a percentage of their income for a fixed period of time. 

At CAPSLOCK, learners enrol with no up-front costs and receive career-changing education lasting 16 weeks (or more). 

In exchange, learners agree to pay back 15% of their monthly income for 36 months. 

To protect the learner, re-payments only begin once the learner lands a job paying over £27,000.

Re-payments will always be capped at 2x the up-front tuition fee. This means learners will never pay more than £18,000 over their ISA's lifetime. 

ISAs allow learners to enrol with no up-front costs, removing one of the major barriers to career-changing education. 

The learner has the opportunity to change their career and leverage the higher earnings of a career in cyber security or tech. 


  • Re-payments are always affordable
  • Re-payments stop if earnings drop below £27,000
  • Re-payments are capped at 2x the up-front tuition cost
  • The ISA is wiped off after 6 years, regardless if 36 instalments are made.
  • They don't accrue interest
  • They're not classed as formal debt arrangements
  • They're regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority

At CAPSLOCK you can pay in three ways;

Income share agreement

No up-front costs, re-pay 15% of you monthly income for 36 months. 

Student Loan

A traditional student loan arrangement. A personal loan where re-payments are set in stone. Like car finance loans, but instead of receiving a car, you receive education. 

Pay up-front

Simply pay for your tuition fees up-front. The tuition fees at CAPSLOCK start from £9,000.