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Hire next-gen cyber security talent

Make amazing hires and pay zero recruitment fees

Six reasons to

The average age of a Capslock grad is 29. They're mature, tech savvy, and workplace ready

50% of Capslock students already hold a degree and have a dedicated interest in cyber security or technology before they enrol. 

They undertake a rigourous, 600+ hour programme which simulates your workplace

Our curriculum is built around cyber security problems which employers face everyday. Capslock grads show 100% mastery and have demonstrated problem-solving ability.

They've got hands-on technical skills

Our grads spend 200+ hours in cyber simulation labs. They have the hands-on technical skills to add value to your workplace as soon as you hire them.

Capslock grads spend 400+ hours in our classroom

That’s double the amount of the average masters degree. 
Factor in an additional 200+ hours of guided self-study, their existing maturity, and workplace experience, they’ll add more value than university graduates everytime. 

They're accredited, certified, and hold crucial soft-skills

Capslock grads hold CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+, and ISO 27001 certifications. They’ve graduated from a programme mapped against GCHQ, NIST NICE, and CIISec standards.

You don't have to pay recruitment fees

You can hire next-gen cyber security talent and completely avoid recruitment fees. We don’t get paid until our grads get hired, so we do everything to get them workplace ready. 

Ready to make your best hire?

Drop our hiring team a quick email and we’ll send over qualified CVs, no strings attached.