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A curriculum designed to get you

We simulate the cyber security workplace so you can learn the hands-on skills employers need.



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We use cutting-edge educational methodologies to get you work ready in the shortest amount of time. 

400 hours of instructor-led, live classes

You’ll be in the virtual classroom interacting with, and learning from, real industry professionals for 400 hours. That’s double the amount of time you get from the average UK Masters degree. 

Team-based learning. Problem-based learning

We use team-based learning and problem-based learning to get you workplace ready. You’ll be learning how to solve real workplace problems as part of a functional team of learners. Classes are hands-on and interactive with real knowledge application. 

Curriculum Overview

The CAPSLOCK curriculum is designed to get you hired as quickly as possible. You’ll learn how to solve common cyber security workplace problems, so when you graduate, you’ll be able to hit the ground running in the real world. 

Problem Area 1

People & Processes

Weeks 1-3

Problem Area 2

Security by Design

Weeks 4-6

Problem Area 3

Identity & Access Management

Weeks 7-9

Problem Area 4

Offensive & Defensive Security

Weeks 10-12

Problem Area 5

Incident Response & Business Continuity

Weeks 13-15

Land a job

Career Coaching & Impact Skills

Weeks 1-16

A rigorous schedule that works

Re-boot and re-train in record time. Choose between 16 weeks full-time or 26 weeks part-time. 

  • Full-time
  • Part-time

Classes run Monday-Friday for 16 weeks

6pm-9pm Classes run Monday-Thursday

You will also join a morning class every Saturday

The part-time course lasts for 26 weeks

  • Full-time | Daytime schedule
  • Part-time | Evenings & weekends



Classes run Monday-Friday for 16 weeks

6pm-9pm Classes run Monday-Thursday

You will also join a morning class every Saturday

The part-time course lasts for 26 weeks

Five things you should know about the course

Five things you should know about the course

A curriculum built by academic professionals, cyber employers, and industry experts. Our curriculum is built around five threshold concepts. 


  • Cyber security technologies
  • Governance, risk, & compliance
  • Cyber security culture & awareness
  • Computer networking fundamentals
  • Cyber security process & policy

You'll tackle 7 capstone cyber security problems which grow in complexity as you progress through the course. You'll learn how to solve these problems, making you an in-demand and employable cyber security professional.

Two of our founders, Dr. Andrea Cullen & Lorna Armitage are global experts in education delivery and methodology. We use a variety of learning techniques, such as team-based learning, and problem-based learning to deliver deep, meaningful experiences which optimise knowledge retention and its future application.

Learn from anywhere! We've developed a digital campus using the latest technologies to deliver university-quality education, entirely online. 

You'll take classes in our online classrooms where you can interact with your tutors and work alongside your classmates. 

You'll receive 400+ hours in a live, virtual classroom supported by expert tutors. You'll get 200 hours of guided self-study and unlimited access to hands-on technical cyber labs. More classroom hours than a year-long masters degree.

To supercharge your employability, we'll pay for five cyber security certifications before you have to pay a penny. 

Certifications included;

  • CompTIA Security+
  • ISO 27001 Foundation Certificate
  • CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge)
  • BCS CISMP (Certificate of Information Security Management Principles)
  • CE-CSP (Certified Cyber Security Practitioner)
  • Membership to the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals
  • Membership to the British Computer Society