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On average, a cyber security professional

Cyber security is one of the best paid professions in the world. If you’re willing to work hard, we’ll kick-start your cyber career

your income

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the booming number of connected devices, it’s here to stay.

A career where you protect &

Businesses and individuals depend on cyber security professionals to keep them safe. It’s an amazingly rewarding career.

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6 benefits of a cyber security career

Great pay

The average salary of UK cyber security professional is £62,500

Career progression

Huge scope for progression, both personally and professionally

Job security

Cyber security is here to stay, 0% unemployment rate

Variety of roles

There are a number of different specialities and job roles in cyber security

Make a difference

You’ll be helping to protect businesses and individuals from malicious actors

Exciting & challenging

Day-to-day tasks are always changing, keeping you on your toes and challenged